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Mrs.  Karen  Malone
Data Manager/Attendance

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Data Manager

I began working for Onslow County Schools in 1995, at Thompson Elementary, where I served as a Teacher Assistant for two years, a receptionist for one year, and then the SIMS Operator/Data Manager until the elementary school closed in 2004. At that time I was blessed to become a member of the New Bridge Staff. I have worked here ever since as the Data Manager.

Like so many others, I am a transplant from out of state. I grew up on Mt Desert Island in Maine, home of Acadia National Park, and the Jackson Laboratory, which does major cancer research. I have moved around a fair amount, spending time in Tampa, Florida and Arlington Texas, before settling down in Jacksonville in 1985.  My husband, Jeff, and I have raised three kids, a boy and two girls. My two oldest children came to New Bridge (via the lottery), and my youngest attended Jacksonville Commons Middle. I am now the doting grandmother of four grandchildren. (Yes, it is true! Being a grandparent is the BEST!)


Attendance Information

In order to be considered in attendance, a student must be present in the school for the school day or at a place other than the school with the approval of the appropriate school official for the purpose of attending an authorized school activity.  
Except as noted above, a student must be present at least one-half of the school's instructional day in order to be recorded present for that day.  If a student is not present, then the student is absent.
General Statute 115C-378 states in part that no person shall encourage, entice, or counsel any such student to be unlawfully absent from school.

Even in middle school, parents need to send in notes or provide doctor/dentist excuses whenever their student is absent. While not every reason for an absence can be excused, it is still important to provide the school with information that lets us know your child was absent with your knowledge and permission. Always remember to ask your doctor, dentist and/or orthodontist for an excuse slip when you go to an appointment. 

Students should not attend school if they have been running a fever or are throwing up. Still, it is important to encourage your student to work through minor sniffles and allergies and headaches, and stay in school. Per County Policy, students who are absent more than 6 times in a semester need to provide more than parent notes for the absences. Multiple absences increase the possibility that your child could fail the school year, and excessive absences without acceptable excuses will result in a visit with the school social worker, who will work with you to try and improve your child's school attendance.

Please email or call me if you have questions about an attendance situation.

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