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Student Recognition Program

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Honor Roll/Principal's List- Mrs. Dennis Phone Icon 910-346-5144 Email Icon Email
  Student Awards- Mrs. Mahouchick Phone Icon 910-346-5144 Email Icon Email

NBMS Student Recognition Program

New Bridge Middle School has a population of very talented students. It is our effort to recognize that talent through several key programs.   The following information describes four of our student recognition efforts:

  1. Student of the Month (monthly recognition)
  2. Honor Roll/Principal’s List (quarterly recognition)
  3. Annual Awards Ceremony (end-of-year recognition)
  4. NBMS Scholarship (end-of-year recognition)



Key Contact: Mrs. Padgett, Assistant Principal. Each month, two students per grade level and three students from Encore class are selected for the Students of the Month recognition. Based on their conduct and display of positive character, these students are awarded certificates, have their pictures displayed on the front bulletin board, and have a special lunch with the school administrators.



Key Contact: Mrs. Malone (data manager) At the end of each grading period, student averages are evaluated and the quarterly honor roll and principal’s lists are developed. Students with all A's and B's are listed on the honor roll. If a student has all A's  he or she is recognized on the Principal’s List.  


The Honor Roll and Principal’s Lists are published on our website and in the Jacksonville Daily News. 



Key Contact: Mrs. Mahouchick. At the end of each school year, the New Bridge Middle School faculty recognizes academic honors and athletic participation.  


Award Recognition: 

Academic Recognition- for students with the highest academic averages. 

  • Language Arts
  • Math
  • Social Studies
  • Science
  • Electives

Athletic Participation Awards:  

  • Softball
  • Football
  • Cheerleading
  • Girls Basketball
  • Boys Basketball
  • Wrestling                      
  • Boys Soccer
  • Girls Soccer
  • Volleyball
  • Baseball
  • Girls Track
  • Boys Track

Other Recognitions:  

  • Battle of the Books                                                                    
  • Accelerated Reader                                    
  • Library Assistants                                                          
  • Academic Derby                                    
  • Student Council                                                              
  • MathCounts                                  
  • Algebra Team                                                        
  • Science Ambassadors                  
  • Science Fair                                      
  • Adopt-a-Trail                                    
  • Civic Oration                                                                    
  • Performing Groups                                                        
  • Odyssey of the Mind                                    
  • Fellowship of Christian Athletes                              
  • Yearbook Staff                                                                
  • Citizenship Awards                                                                                          
  • Leadership Awards                                                                              
  • Principal’s Awards



Key Contact: Mrs. Sullivan.  Each year the New Bridge Middle School staff selects a former New Bridge student to be awarded with a one-time scholarship. The amount of this scholarship varies from year to year but is a worthwhile amount to the recipient or recipients. Applications and reference forms will be available on the New Bridge website in March. Applications and references will have a mid to late April due date. Please drop off applications to the front office at NBMS addressed to Jennifer Sullivan.

  • This one time award is based on available scholarship funds in terms of number of recipients and amount awarded.
  • Scholarship is available to former NBMS students who are graduating from an Onslow County High School, June 2017.
  • The nominee’s character, ability and need for financial assistance will be considered.
  • Application, with attachments must be complete, including application form, transcript, resume, three letters of recommendation, and any supporting information.



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