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Design and Discovery

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Design and Discovery

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Summary Statement: Design and Discovery is a non-competitive, academic enrichment opportunity open to girls of all grade levels.  Participation is not linked to class enrollment or tryouts.  Seats are not limited by number. Activities are conducted after school hours.  Interested girls should see Ms. Kelly.

Design & Discovery is dependent on funding.    

Design and Discovery : Experiencing Engineering Through Design

Design and Discovery is an academic enrichment program that engages students in hands-on engineering and design activities that enhance knowledge, and problem solving skill in the areas of science and engineering.


Curriculum and Eligibility:

Design and Discovery is a curriculum provided by Intel.  The NBMS program is for girls in the 6th, 7th or 8th grade. The inquiry-based curriculum offers an interdisciplinary approach to engineering through design.



Design and Discovery includes materials provided by the Girl Scouts of America. In 16 sequential sessions of two to four hands-on activities each, students follow the design process, from identifying a design opportunity to developing a working prototype.



Design and Discovery is an after-school enrichment program conducted Monday afternoons from 3:30 to 5:30.  Students should sign-up with Ms. Kelly.  Students will meet in Ms. Kelly's room or the Science Lab.



NBMS science teachers believe in immersive science.  The Design and Discovery program is one example of students acting in the role of scientists.  Rather than simply memorizing a body of knowledge, our students use core science knowledge to approach real-world situations in order to develop pathways from questions to answers.  Design and Discovery allows our female students to experience engineering through design.  

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