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Magnet Process

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What is a Magnet School?

A magnet school is a public school with a specific topic to focus planning and instruction.

A magnet school is a learning environment with a specific focus.  New Bridge Middle focuses on science and technology.  All curriculum is sought to be taught through these focus areas.  Even though New Bridge has an instructional focus, the faculty is still responsible for teaching the NC Standard Course of Study.


Who can attend?

  • Magnet schools are open to all students who reside in the Magnet School Home District or who apply and are accepted.
  • All children who are eligible to attend Onslow County Schools are welcome to apply during the annual application period.  Students are selected via a lottery system to ensure random selection.
  • In addition, students residing in the Magnet Schools Home District are automatically accepted into each magnet school.


Upcoming Dates - TBD


Magnet Transportation System

The Onslow County School System will utilize a hub transportation system to provide bussing for students attending the two magnet schools.

Students residing within the protected corridor who do not live within the specified no transportation zone will be provided bus transportation from CEEM to NBMS and from NBMS to CEEM.  Students living within the protected corridor who opt out to attend the district's pre-selected school sites will not be provided transportation and must apply for out-of-district placement.

Students living outside the protected corridor who are admitted through the lottery process may utilize the hub transportation system.  The following information and guidelines outline this transportation service:


  • No regular bus transportation will be provided to the identified magnet hubs.  Parents are expected to transport students to the specified hubs.  The school system will provide transportation to the magnet schools directly from the identified hubs.
  • Community hubs have been established at Dixon Middle, Southwest Elementary, Swansboro Middle, Richlands Primary, Northwoods Park Middle, Jacksonville Commons Middle, New Bridge Middle, Clyde Erwin Elementary and Morton Elementary.


The following processes will be utilized to govern the hubs:

  • Supervision will be provided 30 minutes before the bus leaves for the morning route and 30 minutes after the bus arrives following the afternoon route.  While at the hub sites, students are to board and remain on the bus.
  • Students must not be dropped off prior to 30 minutes before the specified bus departure time in the morning and must be picked up by an authorized adult no later than 30 minutes after the afternoon bus arrives.
  • Students will be returned to the specified magnet school if not picked up within the 30 minute timeframe.

Infractions of magnet hub transportation guidelines will result in the following consequences:

  • 1st Infraction - Warning/bus infraction form to parents
  • 2nd Infraction - Letter home to parents/bus infraction form to parents
  • 3rd Infraction - Loss of hub transportation privileges


In addition, all Onslow County Schools transportation guidelines apply to the hub transportation system.


The Onslow County School System will evaluate magnet hub transportation systems each year to ensure effective and efficient operations.


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