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Active Team (2016-17)

Summary Statement: Adopt-a-Trail is a non-competitive service project open to students of all grade levels.  The work of Adopt-a-Trail is conducted after school hours.  Interested students should see Ms. Kelly.



New Bridge Middle School has been involved with Adopt-A-Trail since the 2003-04 school year.  The program has been led by four teachers.  This year Mrs. Lilly will lead the program.  Adopt-a-Trail is conducted through the after school work and is assited by Ms. Kelly's Green Team.



Through participation in the Adopt-a-Trail program, students and teachers learn the value of environmental responsibility.   Specifically, the program allows New Bridge students to take individual and social responsibility for the care of our environment.  Adopt-a-Trail participants are responsible for the trail from New Bridge Middle School to Highway 17 (Jacksonville, NC).  



Participation in Adopt-a-Trail helps students to take seriously the goals of environmental education.   Through their work and discussions in Adopt-a-Trail, several key environmental teachings are promoted including:

  • the compatibility of man and the environment,
  • the link between man and the environment,
  • the need for individual and societal responsibility for the care of the environment,
  • the environment’s role in our society and culture, and
  • the process of informed environmental decision-making.

There is no question that a school campus and surrounding area is made more desirable and attractive when it is well-maintained and litter-free.  Mrs. Lilly, Ms. Kelly and their students work outside of school hours and with no other compensation to accomplish the goals of creating a clean, safe and attractive environment.  Students interested in participating should contact Mrs. Lilly.


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