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CTE Showcase

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CTE Showcase

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Summary Statement:  The Career Technical Education Showcase is an academic, single day event/field trip open to 8th graders.  Participation is not limited to any particular class enrollment.  Interested students should see any 8th grade teacher.


Beginning in 2005, the Career and Technical Education (CTE) Department with Onslow County Schools began holding an annual CTE Showcase.  Organized by central office staff, CTE teachers, and current high school students, the showcase presents demonstrations and displays of what Career and Technical Education has to offer rising 9th graders.


NBMS 8th graders are eligible to participate in the event.

The Event:

The CTE Showcase is a once a year event held at the American Legion Building (Jacksonville, NC).  The event is typically held in February.


CTE Courses Available in Onslow County High Schools:


  • Agricultural Advanced Studies
  • Agricultural Mechanics I
  • Agricultural Mechanics II
  • Agricultural Mechanics II - Small Engines
  • Agricultural Production I
  • Agricultural Production II
  • Agriscience Applications
  • Allied Health Sciences I
  • Allied Health Sciences II
  • Animal Science I
  • Animal Science II
  • Animal Science II – Small Animal
  • Apparel Development I
  • Apparel Development II
  • Biomedical Technology
  • Biotechnology and Agriscience Research I
  • Biotechnology and Agriscience Research II
  • Business Advanced Studies
  • Business and Electronic Communications
  • Business Computer Technology
  • Business Management and Applications
  • Career Management
  • Computer Applications I
  • Computer Applications II
  • Computer Programming I
  • Computer Programming II
  • Computerized Accounting I
  • Computerized Accounting II
  • Digital Communications Systems
  • Early Childhood Education I
  • Early Childhood Education II
  • e-Commerce I
  • e-Commerce II
  • Environmental and Natural Resources I
  • Environmental and Natural Resources II
  • Equine Science I
  • Equine Science II
  • Exploring Biotechnology
  • Exploring Biotechnology
  • Exploring Business Technologies
  • Exploring Business Technologies
  • Exploring Career Decisions
  • Family and Consumer Sciences Advanced Studies
  • Foods I – Fundamentals
  • Foods II – Advanced
  • Foundations of Information Technology
  • Health Science Advanced Studies
  • Health Team Relations
  • Horticulture I
  • Horticulture II
  • Horticulture II: Landscape Construction
  • Horticulture II-Turf Grass
  • Housing and Interiors I
  • Housing and Interiors II
  • Keyboarding
  • Marketing
  • Marketing Advanced Studies
  • Medical Sciences I
  • Medical Sciences II
  • Parenting and Child Development
  • Principles of Business and Personal Finance
  • Principles of Business and Personal Finance
  • Small Business Entrepreneurship
  • Small Business Entrepreneurship
  • Sports and Entertainment Marketing I
  • Sports and Entertainment Marketing II
  • Teen Living
  • Travel, Tourism, and Recreation Marketing




































































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