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Science Ambassadors

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Summary Statement:  Science Ambassadors is a club open to 7th and 8th graders at New Bridge Middle School.   Applications are accepted in the fall for this organization.   The Science Ambassadors organization is not competition-based but rather serves to provide hands-on science to elementary school students.

Science Ambassadors

New Bridge Middle School is STEAM Powered!   STEAM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics.   Key to the success of New Bridge is the Science Ambassadors program, a program that began in 2010-11 under the direction of Mrs. Baile.  Each year Mrs. Baile recruits NBMS students to act as ambassadors and mentors for elementary school students.  NBMS Science Ambassadors serve as representatives of the school during school events (i.e. Open House) and serve in a science outreach capacity while working with area elementary schools. 

Hands-On Science

The Science Ambassadors program is designed to expose both the middle school ambassadors and the elementary school students to science through hands-on activities. Through the program, Science Ambassadors inspire students to continue to study science throughout school and perhaps choose to pursue careers in science.


Science Ambassadors are expected to attend planning meetings.  Outreach planning meetings are dedicated to planning and implementing hands-on science activities for elementary school students.  Each fall, middle school students are invited to apply to become Science Ambassadors.  Contact Mrs. Baile at for more information or application materials. 

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