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Music in the Parks Festival

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SUMMARY STATEMENT:  Music in the Parks is a day-long festival for student choral, orchestral, and band ensembles, held annually across the United States.   Behavioral and academic qualifications for participation are released in the months leading up to the festival.  Mr. Mayberry and Mrs. Mahouchick are the New Bridge contacts for the Music in the Parks Festival.



New Bridge participates in the Music in the Parks Festival at Busch Gardens in Williamsburg, VA on a Saturday in April or May. 



Student choral, orchestral, and band ensembles perform before adjudicators who rate the ensemble in the morning of the festival.  Students and chaperones spend the remainder of the day at the amusement park.  The day culminates with an awards ceremony.  Awards can be given to either a single player or a whole ensemble.



A portion of an individual’s funds raised during Concert-A-Thon are applied to the cost of his or her trip.  The student’s family must cover the remainder of the cost for this event.



The festivals are organized by the Educational Programs Network.

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