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Planning for 2015-16 yearbook
Planning for 2015-16 yearbook


Summary Statement:  The Yearbook is an annual publication.  Students may purchase a yearbook (online process).   Yearbook Staff members are selected following an application process.  Staff members may be in the 7th or 8th grade.   The required work for yearbook staff members is completed during school and after school hours.  Yearbook staff selections are made in the fall of each school year.  Interested students should see Mrs. Mahouchick or Mrs. Sullivan


Purchasing Yearbooks

Purchase a yearbook



Student Editor(s)

Student editors are responsible for specific sections of the book. Editors make sure page layouts look profession, words are correctly used and spelled, and stories, pictures, and quotations fit the theme and goal of the yearbook.  Editors help establish story ideas, including scheduling surveys and mining for quotations.  



Photographers are responsible for gathering pictures for the yearbooks. They must be willing to attend after-school activities, including club meetings and athletic events. They must be friendly, outgoing, and respectful, and should have a sense of balance in photography.



Writers/Reporters are responsible for collecting surveys, conducting interviews, and writing stories. They will capture the story of our school through the written word. 


Students may need to cover multiple roles. 

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