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New Bridge Middle School    Jacksonville, NC

Contacting Administrative Staff
Posted On:
Tuesday, October 26, 2010

If you need to contact a member of the administrative staff, our names are now hyperlinked to a bio page with an email icon.  Click on "School Staff" on the main page and you will see the "Administrative Staff" listed.  In addition to the principal, you can contact...

Mrs. Morris, our assistant principal, for issues about discipline and buses;

Mrs. Bender, our counselor, about testing or student service related issues;

Mrs. Humphrey, our secretary, for any financial issues;

Mrs. Bentrup, our receptionist, for any general school issues, information, and changes in transportation;

Mrs. Malone, our data manager, for issues related to attendance, enrollment, etc.

Office Davis, our SRO, for any issues related to law enforcement.

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