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Mix it Up Day @ Lunch- Oct. 18th
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Sunday, October 09, 2011
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Mix It Up at Lunch Day is a day for students to challenge the social boundaries in our school.  “These boundaries exist for many reasons- habit, friendship, status, fear, prejudice.  The simple space of a cafeteria table is, for many, a comfort zone where we can be ourselves with those who know us best.  Touch base. Regroup.  Let down the guard that classroom pressures often require of us.  For others, the lunch room, with all its boundaries, is a world with its own pressures, a world of familiar strangers and rigid expectations.”  (


How to Mix It Up at Lunch:  As students exit the cafeteria line, they will be given a number that corresponds to a number on a table in order to "mix up" the normal lunch seating.

Mix-it-Up Day is faciliated by our counselor, Mrs. Bender.  If you have questions or would prefer for your child not to participate, please contact her at

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