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8th Grade End of Year
Posted On:
Friday, March 16, 2012

Attention 8th Graders-

It is the beginning of the end!  Your teachers want you to make sure to take advantage of all of the exciting activities during these two and a half months of school.   

  • March  23rd- Eureka! Field Trip.  The 8th grade team will be traveling to Wilmington, NC for a special show that incorporates mathematics and theatrics.   Permission slips are forthcoming.
  • March 26th- Hoops for Heart begins.  8th graders interested in participating in this year’s Hoops for Heart should see Mrs. Blunt for collection forms.
  • April 3rd , 4th, and 5th- Crossing Carolina.   Eligible 8th graders will travel across the state to add a hands-on aspect to the NC history we’ve been learning this year.  Check your teacher's website for the forms.
  • May 3rd- Wicked Trip.  8th graders in the music department will have the opportunity to attend Wicked…  an off-Broadway production.
  • May 12th- Busch Gardens Trip.  8th graders currently in band, chorus, or orchestra will have the chance to travel to Williamsburg, VA to participate in a completion and a day at the park.  Permission slips will be distributed in late April, early May.
  • May 31st- Awards Night.  For all grade levels.  Students who an award will be invited to an evening awards ceremony at the NBMS gym.  Families of eligible students will receive an invitation via US mail in mid-May.
  • June 1st- Dance.  Some call it a formal…  but it isn’t a formal.  It is just the annual 8th grade Dance.   Tentatively we have it scheduled for Jacksonville Country Club.  Next month you will receive a “Dream Date” form and other information about the dance.
  • June 7th- Wilson Bay Visit.   During the school day (9am to 1pm), students who have met the eligibility requirement and have the permission slip will be walking to Wilson Bay.  We’ll be eating lunch off-site.
  • June 7th- Reception.   We will hold our annual reception for 8th graders and families on the evening of June 7th.   Beginning at 7pm, students and parents are asked to attend this short reception to honor our 8th graders as they move on to high school.   Held in the cafeteria, students will watch a Year in Review video and listen to a few presentations by staff.  Special note- this isn’t a graduation but rather an exit celebration.
  • June 8th- Field Day.  8th grade field day will be on the last day of school.   Again, you have to meet the behavior eligibility guidelines and have the end-of-year permission slip signed.  Note- the recent change in testing may impact the field day schedule.   Dr. Barnes has asked us to change the date to June 7th.  If we are able to make a change with Wilson Bay, the times for the Wilson Bay visit may change.
  • June 8th – Block Party.   At 1pm, students will begin to assemble on the field for an hour of eating, dancing, and socializing for the final time of 2011-12.
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