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Our Purpose
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Friday, March 29, 2013

Getting to Know YOUR School

New Bridge Middle School

New Bridge is Onslow County’s only magnet middle school.  While the building was in operation in the 1930s as Jacksonville High School, New Bridge opened as a technology, math and science magnet in 1998.   Students attend by way of a lottery or through home district status.  The teachers and staff appreciate the supportive nature of our parents and other stakeholders.   We recognize that education is a shared responsibility.



Do you know that the schools in Onslow County are each guided by vision, mission and purpose statements?  These statements represent our effort to communicate the direction of New Bridge Middle School and the value we place on learning.  


Vision:                                 Excellence in Education


Mission:                              New Bridge Middle School will prepare students to be globally competitive and responsible citizens in the 21st Century by bringing the world to them through technology, problem-based learning and scientific inquiry.


Purpose Statement:       Our purpose is to foster creativity, promote intellectual inquiry, and enable students for future success.


Please review the statements and offer feedback and review through

 the Google Doc located under “Latest News” at   

The document will be accessible from March 29th through April 9th.




New Bridge Middle School is governed by school leaders (Dr. Barnes and Mrs. Marangi) and a governing body/school planning team that consists of parents and staff members.   The purpose of the elected governing body/school planning team is to create and monitor the school’s strategic plan.   Our plan is for the current school year through 2014-15.   If you’d like to serve on a future school planning team, please email Dr. Barnes at



New Bridge Middle School is governed by a strategic plan.   The plan documents our goals and strategies for continuous improvement.   Do you know the five goals?


1.       New Bridge Middle School students will be globally competitive through the mastery of a relevant and rigorous curriculum.

2.       New Bridge Middle School and students will be led by creative, passionate, and technologically skilled professionals.

3.       New Bridge students will learn in a safe and civil environment to be ethical, healthy and productive citizens.

4.       Leadership will foster innovation at New Bridge Middle School in cooperation with families and community partners.

5.       New Bridge Middle School will be supported by effective and efficient processes and systems.



If you have questions or concerns, please contact us at 910-346-5144.  

At New Bridge Middle School, BEARS have PRIDE!

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