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Spirit Week DETAILS
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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

NBMS’ Spirit Week & Red Ribbon Week                                     

October 21-25, 2013

(This information was sent home on 10/16/13) 

What is Spirit Week? 

Spirit Week is a school-wide celebration of NBMS and everything we do!  We will cheer our football team to victory at our last home game of the year against Brewster Middle. Former New Bridge students from all over Onslow Co. are welcome to help celebrate as well.  Finally, we will strengthen our character by donating money and canned goods to support local charities during the upcoming holidays 

What is Red Ribbon Week?

Red Ribbon Week serves as a way for our students to take a stand against drugs. It is a drug prevention awareness week to educate youth on the dangerous effects of taking drugs.  At the end of the week, students are asked to make a personal commitment to live drug free lives with the ultimate goal of creating a drug free America.

Red Ribbon Week also commemorates the ultimate sacrifice made by DEA Special Agent Enrique "Kiki" Camarena, who died at the hands of drug traffickers in Mexico while fighting the battle against illegal drugs to keep our country and children safe.

Our Theme for this year is…. “INOK!” or “It’s NOT okay!”  It relates to a variety of situations such as…. It’s NOT okay for you to do drugs, drink alcohol or smoke, to bully, harass or intimidate, to be disrespectful to yourself or others, to gossip, etc…


Requirement to Participate in the Week’s Dress Activities:

Students must donate $3.00 OR 3 canned goods, or any combination of the two, to participate in all dress activities for the week.  Ms. Sinese will be collecting fees and can goods during breakfast and morning homeroom (until 8:20) in the cafeteria from Oct. 15th through Monday, Oct. 21st.


The Week’s Activities:

1.    Dress Days:  

2.    Banner Contest: Each homeroom is asked to create a banner (approx. 4x6).   Our theme for this year is “INOK!” or “It’s NOT okay”.  Voted upon by several staff members, the top 3 will be entered into the Community Prevention Services county-wide banner contest.  CPS will award trophies for “best overall”, “most original”, and “most creative” of all middle schools.

The top 3 school winners will receive these prizes:

1st place: Ice Cream for the whole class

2nd & 3rd places:  Candy for the whole class

3. School Spirit BEADS will be on sale during lunch on Monday and Tuesday only.  Look for the table in the cafeteria.  The cost is 50¢ each.  Class Representatives will sign up to sell beads.

4.  Daily Announcements:  Daily announcements about RRW and INOK will be made during morning homeroom.  These announcements will educate students about RRW and the effects of drugs on a person’s body and mind. Announcements will also touch on our theme.  Daily winners will be announced during afternoon homeroom.

5.  “INOK!” pledge banner:  Students are invited to sign the “INOK” banner .

6.  Red Ribbon Pledges:  Students are invited to sign the RR pledge to stay away from drugs. 

7.  “Do YOU Have Your RED # Card?”  (Random Drawings) 

8.  Raffle Tickets & PRIZES:  Tickets will be on sale during lunch all week.  Look for the table- Class Reps will sign-up to sell.  The cost is 25¢ per ticket or 5 for $1.00.  A random ticket will be drawn at the end of each day, Tuesday thru Friday.  Winners will be announced during afternoon announcements.



Students will be asked to call home to get appropriate attire if guidelines are not followed.

Monday, October 21st:  PAJAMA DAY

Wear your favorite PJs and/or bathrobe over your uniform.  Don’t forget your du-rags, curlers, and sleeping bonnets.  Slippers, flip-flops, or slip-on shoes are NOT allowed due to safety reasons.  Bring pillows and teddy bears for comfy reading.   All PJ outfits and accessories must be worn over your regular school uniform.

Tuesday, October 22nd:  BLACK-n-GOLD DAY

Black and Gold must be the predominant colors of your attire.  Pant or shorts may be khaki, black, gold, or white.  If you don’t have clothing items of black or gold then substitute for that uniform item (i.e. If you don’t have black or gold pants then wear khaki or navy pants). Denim in school colors only will be permitted. No blue jeans. Sneakers may be worn.  No bandanas, flip flops, or slip-on shoes may be worn due to safety reasons.  Face and hair paints in moderation and only in school colors.  These must be applied before coming to school. 


Wednesday, October 23rd: TACKY TWIN &/OR CRAZY ACCESSORY DAY

Wear your wackiest, wildest, and tackiest outfits & accessories; stripes and plaids, your wildest belts, hats, socks, pins, jewelry, ties, headwear, eyewear, or suspenders just to name a few!  Sneakers may be worn.  No bandanas, flip flops, or slip-on shoes may be worn due to safety reasons.


Thursday, October 24th:  BLAST FROM THE PAST DAY

Bring back the past by wearing your caveman skin, poodle skirt, greased or bee-hive hair-do, disco duds, love beads, parachute pants, or Members Only jackets- anything from the past!  Sneakers may be worn.  No bandanas, flip flops, or slip-on shoes may be worn due to safety reasons.


Friday, October 25th:  ALL RED DAY

To show our support for Red Ribbon Week and our appreciation to Agent Kiki Camarena, students should wear ALL red.  Red pants, shirts, belts, shoes, ties, dresses, socks, even hair color, if you choose. If you don’t have red clothing items then you must wear that item of your uniform. (i.e. If you don’t have red pants then wear your uniform khaki or navy pants). Sneakers may be worn. No bandanas, flip flops, or slip-on shoes may be worn. Face and hair paints in moderation and only red.  These must be applied before coming to school. 

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