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Active Shooter Drill @ NBMS
Posted On:
Thursday, November 01, 2012
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NEW BRIDGE MIDDLE SCHOOL (Jacksonville, NC) –– In the days where school shootings have unfortunately become part of the public consciousness, schools and local officials are preparing and drilling in order to respond appropriately for an unlikely event.

On October 30, the Jacksonville Police Department held an active shooter exercise at New Bridge Magnet Middle School.

The exercise was created in part because of the shootings that have occurred across the country. The “active shooter drill” gave officers an opportunity to utilize a real school to practice those strategic safety plans that are created to deal with hostile situations.

New Bridge Middle School’s campus was closed for the evening of the exercise. The exercise gave all involved a better, more specific response plan to use in the event of an active shooter on campus. Procedures and policies were also discussed as they pertained to each individual response team, and just what students and school officials would do if an emergency occurred on campus.

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