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Dance- 11/21
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Tuesday, November 04, 2014
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We have an upcoming school dance!  Mark your calendar for Friday, November 21, 2014.  The dance is open to qualifying New Bridge 6th, 7th and 8th graders.  This dance is hosted by our Fun Run organizers.  For this dance ONLY, admission is free for students who participated in the Fun Run and raised at least $10.00.  Other students may attend with $3 admission; however, the 2 week discipline window is in place for paid attendees.

Dances are extracurricular, admission charging events typically open to all grade levels (NBMS only).  Some special dances have additional restrictions. Participation is not based on any particular class enrollment.  Discipline eligibility windows apply to each dance.  For the November 21, 2014 dance, students are disqualified if ASD, ISS or OSS is served or assigned between Nov. 10 and Nov. 21.

A few reminders about NBMS school dances: 

  1.  Students who have been assigned or who have served after-school detention (ASD), in-school suspension (ISS) or out-of-school suspension (OSS) in the 2 weeks prior to a dance are not eligible to attend.   School conduct expectations apply.  While we will compile a list on the day of the dance, students should be aware of their own discipline records.
  2. Student dances begin at 3:30 p.m. and are over by 5:00 p.m.  Students must be picked-up on time.  Students not picked-up by 5:15 will not be permitted to attend other dances.
  3. While most dances are on "Dress Down" days, students may bring extra clothes for the dance.  Students should follow the rules for "Dress Down" explained in the 2014-15 Uniform Dress Code policy for New Bridge Middle School.
  4. Dancing must be clean and in keeping with school values (no close dancing, no displays of affection, no obscene or vulgar movements).
  5. School rules apply before, during, and after school dances and whether or not the school dance is on school property.  (All standard school dances for 2014-15 will be at the NBMS gym).
  6. Admission to standard school dances is $3.00.  Food and soda may be purchased for $2.00.  
  7. Parents interested in serving as chaperones should email Mrs. Marangi (AP) at


Dress Down Dress Code (for dances and other dress down activities)

For dances, students have the option to change clothes and to dress casually, including wearing jeans and T-shirts. Please adhere to the following dress code rules:

  • T-shirts are permitted; however, no offensive or suggestive material on any piece of clothing is allowed.
  • No sleeveless tops or shirts, low necklines, spaghetti straps, shoulder- baring, midriff-baring or revealing tops or open back shirts may be worn. 
  • Modest and appropriate is the goal (no see-through material, no midriff or underwear showing).
  • Overly short apparel is not permitted.  Skirts, skorts and shorts must be at least fingertip length, even if leggings are worn under a skirt.
  • Tennis shoes and athletic shoes are permitted; however, Crocs, flip-flops, mules, open back shoes, high-heeled shoes and sandals are not allowed due to safety concerns.
  • No low necklines or tight fitting tops, pants, shorts, etc.
  • No cut-offs, frays or clothing with holes/slits above fingertip length.
  • No sagging or bagging.
  • Hats and sunglasses may not be worn inside the building. 
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