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Delay of Report Cards- 2/13
Posted On:
Saturday, January 10, 2015
NOTICE Delay of the release of student report cards


A decision has been made at the district level to postpone the release of student report cards until February 13, 2015, for all grade levels.

This postponement is based on:

· A state-wide issue with PowerSchool where some LEA level course names have been changed. This may cause report cards to print separate line items for the same subject for the initial and subsequent grading periods. The issue has been reported to Pearson and they are working to determine the cause of the anomaly.

· A state-wide delay in the release of high school test scores.

· A system-wide issue with CTE eighth grade test scores that is being addressed at the local level.

 Due to these delays the district will not process Drivers Education Eligibility Certificates or suspensions of drivers licenses due to inadequate academic progress.

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