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2015-16 Handbook & Agenda
Posted On:
Tuesday, July 07, 2015

For 2015-16, New Bridge students will be issued Premier agendas (planners). The front of the agenda contains the 2015-16 NBMS Student Handbook (click here to access the handbook)

The agenda offers an integrated feature that streamlines the entire planning process for every student, teacher and parent. This feature, onTRAC®, is designed to maximize the benefit of planning with minimal time and effort.

onTRAC® is a memorable acronym for the four basic steps to planning:

  1. THINK about what you want to accomplish: your goals, projects, and ideas for the day, week, and month. Get them down on paper, clear the mental desktop, and have more brain space for "right now".
  2. RECORD your to-do's for the day–those things you want to get done at some point; and your assignments, tests and homework–those things that need your attention for specific subjects and classes.
  3. ACT on your priorities. Schedule when you're going to accomplish what and when. By gaining visibility on your time and tasks, you'll get more stuff done. By blocking out time for tasks after school, students get a powerful visual on priorities and time for school work.
  4. CHECK it off or move it forward. This way the important is not forgotten and the accomplishments can be celebrated.
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