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Interim Reports- 5/16
Posted On:
Wednesday, May 06, 2015
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Parents & Students: 

Please note the upcoming interim report date (May 16, 2016). Although you can access grades in the Parent Portal, this is one of two hardcopy interim or progress reports issued each grading period.  Each of your child’s teachers should send home a report about your child’s academic progress.  

  • Interim reports are printed and sent home at the end of week 3 and 6 of the nine week grading period.  At the conclusion of the grading period, grades are finalized and a hardcopy report card is sent home with students one week after the grading period ended.
  • If you don’t receive four core reports (Math, Science, Lang. Arts and Social Studies) and two encore reports (electives), please contact the teacher, guidance department or an administrator.
  • You will not receive a report from homeroom as it is not a graded session.  
  • Students also have an Intervention/Enrichment course.  This is a graded session but interim reports may not be issued depending upon the nature of the course.  For example, students in the intervention class are focused on skill building and working to bridge academic deficits.  Grading in the intervention classes may not mirror a standard core course.

If you have any questions, please let us know.

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