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Cross Enrollment & Controlled Enrollment
Posted On:
Friday, June 17, 2016

Cross Enrollment and Controlled Enrollment – What’s the Difference?

When a student finds an interest in coursework that is not available at their home school but may be offered at a nearby school, they may choose to participate in CROSS ENROLLMENT with that school. That means they would remain a member of the student body at their current school, while taking the desired class at the other campus. They would travel to the other school for that class period and then return to their home school for the remainder of the day, if applicable. In some cases, the student may finish their school day at the other school and would begin their day the following day at their home school. In this fashion, the student could have the experience of the course they desired while remaining a member of their home school. The acceptance at the other school rests entirely with the principal of that school, the availability of room in the course, and finally the timing of the scheduling between the two schools. Any students interested in taking a course through Cross Enrollment need to  contact their current principal.

A second choice for enrolling in a course not found at a students’ home school would be CONTROLLED ENROLLMENT. When a student successfully completes the necessary paperwork for the Controlled Enrollment application, as well as any required paperwork and interview from the second school, and is accepted into the specialized program and the parents accept the placement, the student may become a member of the second school for the remainder of the school year. They must be enrolled in the courses associated with the specialized program for the duration of the time they are at the second school. Additionally, students will have to meet requirements unique to each specialized program.

More information on cross and controlled enrollment, along with an application, is available in the Onslow County Schools 2016-2017 Secondary Course of Study – Grades 9-12, or from each school’s guidance department.

For help on issues or questions related to middle and/or high school, please feel free to contact Secondary Services:

·        Brent Anderson, Director of Secondary Services – / @SecondDirect670 / (910) 455-2211 x20228

·        Wanda Costner, Office Support - x20263

·        Susan Van Sweringen, Office Support - x20275

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