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Friday, January 20, 2012
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Dear Parents and Students of Orchestra, Band, and Chorus,

In looking for a fundraiser that would be different from anything we've done before, unique as far as fundraisers go,and directly related to the very heart of what we're about...We finally found it... and it's called a "CONCERT-A-THON"!!

Here's how it works... students will perform an informal concert during school on April 20, 2012. The students and their parents are asked to collect donations for the Concert-a-Thon prior to March 29, 2012. (No "door-to-door" please). The money that is raised from this event will go to purchase new music, instruments, and technology equipment that will benefit all MUSIC students. We are hoping that each student can raise at least $30.00 for the NBMS Music Program.

Look for the tentative Concert-a-thon Schedule attached to this message.  Note that it includes performances by each gradelevel and groups involved in the NBMS Music Program.

We are working to put together a packet of information including a Concert-a-thon Donation Form to record donations received.  Once the packet is ready, please review it and contact any of our teachers of music if you have questions.  Once it is ready, we'll include a link here...   

Thanks for your support!!

Mr. Copeland & Mrs. Mahouchick 



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