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Attendance Notes and Information

Attending school on a regular basis is crucial for the academic growth and well-being of our students.  Keeping up with your child's attendance is very important.  To send a parent excuse note to our data manager, Mrs. Malone, click here.  

Please include:

1. Student's first AND last name

2. Homeroom teacher

3. Reason for absence(s):  I don't need a lot of details, but this should say more than "family emergency."  Some examples are: My daughter had a stomach bug.  We had to go out of state because my mother was in the hospital.

4. Date of the absence(s)

5. Your first AND last name


Parents can access their child's grade and attendance information by going online to the Powerschool Parent Portal, or by downloading the app from their smartphone's app store. The Onslow County Schools app also has a Powerschool link within it. 
Click here to view a YouTube video on how to access and use the Powerschool Mobile app.

  • Powerschool Parent Portal: Click here
  • Download the Powerschool Mobile app from Itunes or Google Play 
  • Download the Onslow County Schools app from Itunes or Google Play


If you are the custodial guardian of a child and need to make arrangements prior to a deployment, check out this Military Deployment Checklist.


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